The Anna Bonomi Women Award for Female Students at Bocconi

The Anna Bonomi Women Award for Female Students at Bocconi


The Investindustrial Foundation today announced the inauguration of the ‘Anna Bonomi Women’s Award’ scholarship program with Bocconi University in Milan to provide financial assistance for 18 female students to attend Bachelor degrees. The program was launched today as part of a conference at Bocconi to celebrate the life and achievements of Anna Bonomi Bolchini, the Italian entrepreneur and philanthropist, 20 years after her death.
The scholarship program will continue the charitable legacy of the ‘Lady of Finance’, as Anna Bonomi was called, following her establishment of the Carline Institute in Milan, an institute providing education and assistance to girls and young women in need in the 1940s post-war. The Investindustrial Foundation, a foundation created by Investindustrial and the Bonomi family, is paying homage to Anna Bonomi through its initial €1.5 million donation to fund the scholarship program, which will help promote female leadership in business and society in Italy, and close the inequality gap between the career opportunities of women and men.
Anna Bonomi Bolchini was remembered at the beginning of the conference by the President of the Bocconi Javotte Institute and lifelong Senator, Mario Monti; Andrea Sironi, President of Bocconi University and Assicurazioni Generali; and by her grandson Andrea C. Bonomi, Chairman and Founder of Investindustrial. During the conference, three roundtable discussions traced Anna Bonomi’s achievements as an entrepreneur to her legacy and teachings. Participants included Andrea Colli, Professor of Bocconi; Piero Bassetti, politician and entrepreneur; Paola Somenzi, alumnus of the Carline Institute; Giustina Destro, President of the Advanced Biomedical Foundation and National Vice President of the Marisa Bellisario Foundation; Giorgia Abeltino, Head of Artificial Intelligence Google EMEA, and Head of Public Policy and Culture, Google Southern Europe; Cristina Scocchia, CEO of Illycaffe; and the Rector of Bocconi University Francesco Billari.
The ‘Anna Bonomi Women’s Award’ scholarships will be part of Bocconi University’s ‘Una Scelta Possibile’, a program aimed at improving the prospects of talented students by removing socioeconomic barriers that could preclude their access to university studies. The scholarships will cover all educational and related costs including university tuition fees, textbooks, accommodation and living costs. The selection process will take place in Spring 2024 and the first three scholarships will be awarded for the 2024-2025 academic year.
Andrea C. Bonomi, Chairman of Investindustrial, commented: “I am delighted to announce the inauguration of the ‘Anna Bonomi Women’s Award’ scholarship program today – an initiative that is extremely important to us – in such a prestigious setting at Bocconi University. My grandmother Anna was a pioneer in female empowerment since the post-war period and an inspiration to so many people, not only in the financial industry. Being able to pursue her legacy, following her establishment of the Carline Institute in Milan, by supporting the future generation of female leaders is hugely meaningful. In this way, my grandmother will continue to influence deserving young female students and we are extremely proud to support this."
Francesco Billari, Rector of Bocconi University added: “Every generation needs to build for the future, including looking to role models who can inspire us. Anna Bonomi is one such role model. Thanks to the generosity and desire for social impact that guides her family's actions, she will continue to be a role model for future generations. Supporting future female students is a philanthropic gesture, not only benefitting the recipients of these scholarships but also their families and communities. In doing this, we are striving to build a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable society and economy.


by Bocconi Press Office

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