Bocconi: Mario Nava is Alumnus of the Year 2023

Bocconi: Mario Nava is Alumnus of the Year 2023


Mario Nava, Director General of the European Commission's DG REFORM, responsible for supporting European Structural Reforms, is the Bocconi Alumnus of the Year 2023. 
The award is conferred by the Bocconi Alumni Community (currently more than 135,000 members gathered in 75 chapters worldwide) every year since 1987 to an alumnus or alumna who has particularly distinguished themselves. 

"An exceptional career, conducted with competence, confidence and impeccable commitment. Mario is an extraordinary leader and a source of inspiration for all of us," explains Silvia Candiani, President of the Bocconi Alumni Community, in the motivation for the award. "In 1994 he started his long and illustrious career in the European Commission, confirming over the years to be an enlightened policy maker at the service of the highest institutions". 

Mario Nava graduated from Bocconi in 1989 with a degree in political economy. After graduating, he continued his education by obtaining a Master's degree in Economics at the Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium and a PhD in Public Finance at the London School of Economics. 

In 2000 he became a member of the cabinet of Competition Commissioner Mario Monti and from 2001 to 2004 he was part of the group of policy advisors to European Commission President Romano Prodi, with responsibility for economic and financial issues. 

In 2004 he held several positions as Director of the Union's Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets. In 2008 he helped to manage the financial crisis by promoting reforms of the European financial system and new regulation of the banking market.

In 2018 a short parenthesis brought him back to Italy as President of CONSOB and in the same year he returned to the Commission at the DG FISMA. 

Since June 2020 he is Director General of DG REFORM, a Directorate that supports member countries in implementing reforms and, among its various functions, supports them in achieving the objectives of the NextGenerationEU recovery plan. 

"I am infinitely grateful to Bocconi for this acknowledgement, which fills me with both joy and responsibility," comments Mario Nava. "Of joy, because Bocconi is a marvellous team that has enriched me greatly both as a person and as a professional and now honours me with this award that moves me deeply. Of responsibility, because the Bocconian of the Year is like the Olympic Flag Bearer of the Bocconi team and therefore has the responsibility to best represent the values of professionalism, resourcefulness, integrity and openness to pluralism that make Bocconi a unique institution". 

The award will be celebrated on October 27.

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by Andrea Celauro

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