If Your Bubbly Has a Strong Identity, Communicate It

If Your Bubbly Has a Strong Identity, Communicate It


Cantine Ferrari now represents Italian bubbles in the world, thanks to the quality of their sparkling wines and communication campaigns of great effect. Behind the realization of the latter there is above all Camilla Lunelli, Communication & External Relations Director of the Group, Bocconi alumna like her cousin and company president Matteo, but also, and most importantly, member of the third generation of the family which has owned and led the company since 1952.
"Social media represent the future of communication and we put a lot of effort in that, although in our world, which is still fortunately based on product quality, more traditional forms of communication remain effective, such as presence in the most important wine guides and the appreciation of opinion leaders”, explains Camilla Lunelli, “as well as partnerships with high-impact sporting events, such as those we recently signed with Formula 1 and the America's Cup”.
It all descends from Denomination of Origin, DOC in Italian, and more specifically the Trento DOC, a small but growing wine denomination, which brings together 55 associates and produces only a limited quantity of bottles, most of which for Cantine Ferrari, and which has quality and the unique characteristics of the land where the wine is made as its major strengths: "We feel a little like the flagship company of this territory", continues Camilla Lunelli, "and we are pleased that other producers recognize the effort we are making on behalf of the Denomination as a whole. I consider it to be part of our corporate social responsibility. From this territory we take, and to this territory it is right we give back”.
The reference to territorial rootedness is a value which Camilla Lunelli strongly believes in and fortunately is beginning to be accepted also abroad, where until a few years ago, when it came to bubblies, the mighty champagne swallowed up everybody else: "At the end of 2020 an authoritative critic in the New York Times argued that just as there is not only Burgundy red when you speak about red wines, for sparkling white wines there is not only champagne, since each bubbly has its own identity, which is an expression of the territory where the wine is born".
The Lunelli Group, of which Cantine Ferrari is a part and parcel (together with the Tenute Lunelli, Surgiva, Segnana, and Bisol 1542 brands, and the starred restaurant Locanda Margon), is a family company. Is it important to stress this aspect in marketing communication? “Very, because it represents the guarantee of certain values, such as sustainability, in which we strongly believe. But it doesn't have to be a limit on our reach. For the size we have, and the one we want to attain, we are open to the entry of outside talents who can help us in our growth process".
Camilla Lunelli, Communication & External Relations Director of the Lunelli Group, graduated from Bocconi in Economics in 2000: "Bocconi was a great training ground for me to become open to the world, certainly thanks to the excellence of its academic teaching, but above all to the internationality of the faculty and student body. The exchange program I did in Paris and the internship I did in New York were fundamental steps in my training, which are now almost taken for granted but which, 20 years ago, few universities could offer".

by Davide Ripamonti
Translated by Alex Foti

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