My Mission? Making a Difference and Improving People's Lives

My Mission? Making a Difference and Improving People's Lives



If your desire, from an early age, is to make a difference, a difference that has an immediate positive impact on society, then the pharmaceutical sector is the one for you. And if you have talent, above-average skills, and excellent studies, then you may happen, not by chance, to be included in the prestigious list that Forbes Italia dedicates every year to the under 30s destined to change the world. Francesco Bracotti, 26, from Piedmont, with a degree in Pharmacy and a diploma from the Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy (MIHMEP) of SDA Bocconi School of Management, is one of them, and he owes it in part to an invention, a new and revolutionary system of nanoparticles, called NanoMuG, for the release of drugs into the body. It will be used to perform a particularly effective action in the future, including situations of serious emergency such as the one we are experiencing.  

“It is a sort of layer with which the drugs are coated and transported to where they need to act,” explains, simplifying, Francesco Bracotti. “The potential of these particles is vast, NanoMuG will be a versatile and useful platform even in the event of future pandemics to deliver drugs more effectively. The studies carried out so far are very promising ", continues Bracotti," and the hope is that they will work, across the board, against all coronaviruses." Promising to the point that three prestigious universities, the University of Turin, the University of Pavia, and the Polytechnic of Milan, have requested to jointly file an international patent. 

Francesco Bracotti currently works in the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, which he joined in 2019, and for a few months he has been part of the team leading the commercial launch in Italy of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of Covid-19. “The commercial part of the pharmaceutical sector is that what has increasingly interested me”, says Francesco, “once I graduated in pharmacy, I was a sort of a blank page, the first of a book to be written. And I started filling it when I enrolled in the Master at SDA Bocconi.” It was an experience that Francesco Bracotti considers fundamental in his training and for this brilliant start to his career. "The Master was not just a matter of skills learned, what it means to Pharmacoeconomics and marketing in the pharmaceutical world. It is much more. It teaches you about teamwork, a win-win method because it compensates for the limitations of individuals and allows you to reach goals thanks to everyone's work ". 

The pharmaceutical world is often associated with various criticisms. Seen from the inside, what is real? “From my experience I’d say nothing. I have always compared myself with colleagues, people, and friends all moved by the desire to have a positive impact on people's lives. We work with the aim of doing good, taking care of patients today by taking care of their future through innovation. " 

Will the recognition from Forbes, and personal satisfaction, have an impact on Francesco Bracotti's path? “Let's not just think in terms of visibility. This recognition is above all a unique opportunity to meet extremely talented young people and to be able to grow from a personal and professional point of view through networking. That’s another fundamental thing that the Master program taught me ". 

by Davide Ripamonti
Translated by Richard Greenslade

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