Phoenix Project: Bocconi and Citi Foundation Together for the Third Sector

Phoenix Project: Bocconi and Citi Foundation Together for the Third Sector


The pandemic has hit all economic sectors hard and in recent months the work of the third sector has become even more important to help and support the most fragile situations. However, the third sector itself has not been spared, with disturbances to its working models and greater difficulties, for example, in fundraising activities. From the need to give concrete support to those who help the most fragile parts of society as their own mission, the Phoenix project was born, with Bocconi University and Citi Foundation jointly committed to supporting third sector institutions, such as NGOs , foundations, associations, and non-profit organizations. Phoenix will involve University students with 40 internships and 10 field projects supported by scholarships and these opportunities will become a moment of mutual enrichment. The institutions involved will benefit from the commitment and knowledge of the students; for the latter it will be an opportunity to deal with the labor market in a context of strong social commitment. 

"The Phoenix project offers Bocconi students two unique opportunities", explains Carlo Salvato, professor of business strategy responsible for the academic side of the project. "First, to get involved with wide-ranging training activities within organizations that are challenging, both for the presence of unusual organizational and managerial dynamics, and for the absolute centrality of the mission in guiding choices and behavior. Secondly, to contribute personally to social development, to face serious human issues, to leave the world a little 'better than you found it".  

The project will involve Bocconi and Citi Foundation throughout the course of 2021: internships and field projects can be carried out in person, remotely or in hybrid mode (also depending on what will be gradually set up about teaching in presence). They will start from the first months of the year together with a webinar that will also be the official kick-off of the initiative (February 11). In the autumn, a final event will be held in which the institutions that took part in this initiative will be able to present, together with the students involved, the projects carried out. 

“We have been working with Bocconi in Italy for over 15 years and over time the projects we have conceived and supported together have always tried to respond to concrete needs” - commented Leopoldo Attolico, Country Manager of Italy for Citi Foundation. “In recent years, we have been helping new potential entrepreneurs to launch and expand their innovative start-ups. This year, due to the pandemic, we have decided together to focus on the third sector, which has been hit hard by the crisis. I am very confident that thanks to the skills of the students and our contribution we will be able to create value to help the non-profit world overcome this difficult time”. 

by Andrea Celauro
Translated by Richard Greenslade

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