The 31 Winners of the 2018/2019 Teaching Awards

The 31 Winners of the 2018/2019 Teaching Awards


Thirty-one Bocconi professors are listed as the winners of the 2018-2019 Bocconi Teaching Awards, based on their performance recorded in the two categories of Student Satisfaction (for permanent and non-permanent faculty) and Teaching Innovation.

"The teaching awards celebrate three concepts that are crucial for Bocconi’s identity," comments Francesco Billari, Dean of the Faculty, "the aspiration to always improve, to teach frontier topics to the students’ satisfaction, and experiment and innovate also in teaching.”

Divided by school, here all winners of the 2018-19 Teaching Awards:

Bocconi Undergraduate School
Student Satisfaction Award: Giuseppe Airoldi (non-permanent faculty), Department of Management and Technology; Nicoletta Corrocher, Department of Management and Technology; Maurizio De Pra (non-permanent faculty), IT Education Center; Antonio Lijoi, Department of Decision Sciences, Fabio Quarato, Department of Management and Technology; Emiliano Sironi (non-permanent faculty), Department of Decision Sciences
Innovation Award: Emanuele Borgonovo, Department of Decision Sciences; Filippo De Marco, Department of Finance; Nicola Limodio, Department of Finance; Silvio Petriconi, Department of Finance; Luca Scarani, Department of Accounting

Bocconi School of Law
Student Satisfaction Award: Sara Fattorini (non-permanent faculty), Department of Legal Studies; Emanuele Lucchini Guastalla, Department of Legal Studies; Eleonora Montani (non-permanent faculty), Department of Legal Studies; Tommaso Trinchera, Department of Legal Studies
Innovation Award: Eleanor Spaventa, Department of Legal Studies; Arianna Vedaschi, Department of Legal Studies

Bocconi Graduate School
Student Satisfaction Award: Luigi Ardizzone (non-permanent faculty), Department of Legal Studies; Paolo Morosetti, Department of Management and Technology; Francesco Saita, Department of Finance; Giovanni Viganò (non-permanent faculty), Department of Decision Sciences; Giovanni Paolo Tomasi, Department of Accounting; Fabrizio Zerbini (non-permanent faculty), Department of Marketing
Innovation Award: Angelo Ditillo, Department of Accounting; Daniele Durante, Department of Decision Sciences; Aleksandra Torbica, Department of Social and Political Sciences

Bocconi PhD School
Student Satisfaction Award: Diego Martin Papayannis (non-permanent faculty), Department of Legal Studies; Nicolas André Serrano-Velarde, Department of Finance
Innovation Award: Thorsten Grohsjean, Department of Management and Technology

SDA Bocconi School of Management
Student Satisfaction Award: Marco Morelli, Department of Accounting
Innovation Award: Leonardo De Rossi, Department of Management and Technology

by Andrea Celauro
Translated by Alex Foti

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