Gianmario Verona Reappointed Rector for 2020/2022

Gianmario Verona Reappointed Rector for 2020/2022


I am pleased to announce that in today's meeting the University Board, on my proposal, unanimously confirmed Prof. Gianmario Verona as Rector for the next two academic years, until 31 October 2022. The Board based its decision both upon the keen appreciation received by Professor Verona in the four years of his rectorship, and upon the particular need for continuity and experience posed by current difficulties due to the pandemic.

Over the past four years, the commitment of Rector Verona has led to an advanced implementation of the guidelines defined at the time by the same Board in consultation with the Rector: consolidation and strengthening of human capital, enhancement of basic and applied research, increased internationalization of SDA Bocconi School of Management; teaching innovation; strengthening of partnerships with companies and fundraising support.

In the new mandate, in addition to continuing and intensifying actions on the aforementioned points, the Rector will focus on several new objectives, consistent with the "Strategic Plan 2021-2025" and with the "Vision 2030", currently being developed. The new goals were identified on the basis of important critical and proactive contributions offered by the Faculty members who were consulted according to practice by the President, on this occasion with Vice President Andrea Sironi. They are as follows:

- Further efforts to attract quality students from all over the world and respond to the growing competitive challenge;

- Extension of boundaries for disciplines relating to social sciences;

- Review of the teaching model;

- Greater autonomy for the Departments;

- Strengthening the University's role as a social elevator, and giving it greater visibility.

The new objectives, consistent with the mission of a leading European university in the social sciences, are the cornerstone of the "Vision 2030" and the "Strategic Plan 2021-2025".  They are also, for practical purposes, imposed today in light of the urgent challenges the global pandemic poses for the economy, for businesses and for society in general.

On behalf of the Board and myself, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to Gianmario Verona for the important goals achieved and I thank him for having accepted the new mandate, which will ensure continuity of direction in a phase of unexpected and profound transformations.

I take this opportunity to also warmly thank Managing Director Riccardo Taranto for the intense and fruitful cooperation established with the Rector, as well as the Rectoral team, the Faculty and the Staff for their essential contributions to the progress of our University.

Good luck to you all and best regards,

Mario Monti


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