Kazumasa Mizokami and His Conceptual Flowers

Kazumasa Mizokami and His Conceptual Flowers


Like Bonomo Faita whose art was featured at Bocconi in September, Kazumasa Mizokami is a leading artist in the “Portofranco” movement, the family of artists that has gathered in Milan around the Franco Toselli gallery since the ‘90s.

With the boldness of a kamikaze, Kazumasa dares to model or paint a subject that seemed hopelessly rooted in the past: flowers. His flowers, of course, grow in in Nicola De Maria’s, Boetti’s or Salvo’s gardens. They are flowers that first and foremost express a search for rhythm or light (“We say flower, but it’s actually a shape/light,” says the artist).

In short, they are conceptual flowers, yet they never cease to reveal an affectionate grace, a fairy beauty that is self-sufficient.

“I loved the worn words that no one else / dared use. I was enchanted by the rhyme fiore/amore / the oldest and most stubborn in the world,” wrote Umberto Saba.
Kazumasa is also interested in the relationship between flowers and love, understanding that simplicity is the most difficult thing.

“His small and bright corollas recall the strength of fragility” Elena Pontiggia said, “and since they are never alone, but rather cling to each other and multiply relentlessly, small as they are, they encourage us to travel towards infinity”.

The art exhibition is organized by ISU Bocconi. From Jenuary 13 to March 4. Monday-Saturday 9am-12pm. Free entrance.

by Susanna Della Vedova

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