Athlete and Top Student, the Story of Antonio Maccioni

Athlete and Top Student, the Story of Antonio Maccioni


At the age of 21 he took a pause for reflection and dedicated himself fully to his studies. But he will return to the water, it is a promise made to himself and to his coach. Antonio Maccioni is a student from Naples enrolled in the third year of the Bachelor of Science in International Economics and Finance. At the age of 16, he was considered one of the most promising youngsters in Italian water polo.

"I made my debut at A1 in Canottieri Napoli very young", says Antonio, one of the seven students recognized at the first edition of the Dean's Award.  This new initiative was promoted by the Undergraduate School for those who manage to combine a brilliant university career with an extra-university activity at a high level.

"I went through all the levels of the national youth teams, participating in European and World Championships. In 2017, when I had already started at Bocconi, I won the silver medal with the national team at the Universiade." Antonio Maccioni also breathed the rarefied atmosphere of the senior national team and was summoned to various camps, but then he chose to study although many had tried to convince him to not give up.

"And indeed, once I decided to come to Milan to attend the university that can guarantee me a future", says Antonio, "I have somewhat reduced my commitment to sports but I have not given up at all". Antonio Maccioni was, in fact, a member of the San Donato Milanese Metanopoli, with which he immediately won the B series, but has now decided to take a break. "This year I will be studying for six months in Singapore, a fundamental experience for my professional future. In a few years, I see myself working in consulting, in Milan or abroad. "

However, water polo remains in Antonio’s heart – he’s convinced he made the right choice but a background of nostalgia remains: "I took a step back when I was at the peak of my career, but I certainly don't consider myself an ex. I train regularly and keep myself in shape. Maybe it's just a year off, and next year I could go back to San Donato, who may be in the A1 league: my coach is waiting for me ”.

by Davide Ripamonti
Translated by Richard Greenslade

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