The Senior Alumni Fund

The Senior Alumni Fund


Marco Drago has threaded the recent history of Bocconi step by step, often being one of its protagonists. Bocconi Class of 1969 in Business Administration, Alumnus of the Year in 2001, Drago has long been president of DeAgostini SpA, the holding company of the Drago-Boroli families he heads, and has been a constant presence in supporting Bocconi’s growth and development.

In 2018 and 2019, Drago also decided to personally donate to the University, by supporting the Senior Alumni Scholarship Fund. "Bocconi means a lot to me, in terms of experience and relationships with professors and students, some of whom have also become partners in my profession," says Drago.

Since its creation, the Senior Alumni Fund has been supporting the establishment of seven scholarships (two already fully funded but yet to be allocated), focusing on the concept of intergenerational solidarity. "I wish to lend a hand to someone who, thanks to the scholarship, can set major goals for herself or himself,” the alumnus reasons. "Today it widely acknowledged that development of higher education drives the advancement of society as a whole, although we have arrived a bit late in the game in Italy". It crucial to train students with an international outlook, prepared to face the current speed and depth of change. "The job environment that awaits graduates after their university experience has changed a lot and become increasingly competitive," Drago concludes. "We must be ever more prepared, and supplying excellence in education is therefore fundamental".

by Andrea Celauro
Translated by Alex Foti

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