Giulia and Matteo, When Representing Others Is a Calling

Giulia and Matteo, When Representing Others Is a Calling


He has not yet taken office, because the change of government has slowed down the procedures somewhat. But there is no lack of ideas and soon, "within two or three weeks", they will begin to be discussed. Matteo Giugovaz is a 22 year old student from Trieste enrolled in the first year of the MSc program in Economic and Social Sciences at Bocconi. He is one of the 30 members (28 student representatives, 1 for the graduate students and 1 for the doctoral students) of the new National Council of University Students (Cnsu) waiting to be convened by the Ministry of Education, University and Research for the first meetings. "I have always been a representative, both in high school and in university," says Matteo, "I like dedicating myself to the needs of others, in particular to understand their reasons for discontent and act as a liaison with the institutions to resolve them". The points in Matteo's program, which will be brought to the attention of colleagues and the ministry in the first official meetings, concern important issues. These include the right to study, teaching innovation with a greater degree of interdisciplinarity, increased study opportunities abroad, exchange programs among Italian universities, and a closer connection with the job market. "At Bocconi we are very advanced on some of these aspects," acknowledges Matteo, "and I would like the students of other schools to have these opportunities too. In particular, the theme of teaching will be central to my program, because in Italy it still relies too heavily on theoretical learning and lectures, with limited use of practical cases ".

The topic of innovative teaching is also dear to Giulia Gargiulo, 22, from Sorrento, enrolled in the second year of the MSc in International Management. Since last May she has been a student representative on the Bocconi University Board.  "Business cases and company visits are a fundamental part of our training and should be increased if possible," says Giulia, "but one aspect to which I will be very committed concerns the social life of students. I would like the campus become more student-friendly, with places for relaxation as well as for study. In this respect the new campus will be very important, because it will also provide ample space for sports activities that are great at getting people together ”. Giulia also held other positions of representation within the University before being elected to the Board. One in particular gave her ample personal satisfaction: "When I was at ISU I realized I could really make a difference, because awarding scholarships really means changing people's lives. In general, I think that students should get more and more involved in University life, because they have so much to contribute to our community”.

by Davide Ripamonti
Translated by Richard Greenslade

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