Bocconi and Italian Institute of Technology. Together for Innovation

Bocconi and Italian Institute of Technology. Together for Innovation


Two outstanding Italian organizations are joining forces in the name of innovation: Bocconi University and the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT). They have teamed up to collaborate on the development of initiatives and projects in the field of innovation and corporate entrepreneurship. The memorandum of understanding was signed by University Rector Gianmario Verona and the Scientific Director of the Institute, Roberto Cingolani.

According to the agreement, as a technological and strategic partner, the IIT will make its patent portfolio available and will allow access to its startup projects. It will also support the University in the development of business ideas and projects, and for academic research on the subject. What's more, IIT will allow Bocconi students (undergraduate, graduate, master, PhD) to carry out internships at their facility or their startups.

In return, as a technology transfer partner, Bocconi University will support IIT in developing strategies for the go-to-market phase of its patents and innovations. Through initiatives, including mentoring, it will support startups and business ideas coming from the Institute staff and will allow IIT companies and staff access to a portfolio of training activities.

"Innovation is the goal and, at the same time, the modus operandi of both our institutions", comments Rector Gianmario Verona. "This agreement, however, is not merely the culmination of a common vision oriented towards the future. It also represents the desire to realize, through concrete mutual support, a series of initiatives and projects for entrepreneurial development and corporate entrepreneurship, in a spirit of open innovation ”.

IIT Scientific Director Roberto Cingolani adds, “IIT Foundation is a hotbed of entrepreneurial initiatives that arise from concrete business opportunities. We are committed to producing excellent science and useful technology and IIT Technology Transfer is a driving force for our technologies and their application. Having Bocconi University at our side and working together with Technology Transfer is a powerful opportunity in terms of technology assessment capabilities, access to business communities, financial communities and even direct relationships with potential partner companies for both commercial / industrial projects and for our potential startups”, concludes Cingolani.

by Andrea Celauro
Translated by Richard Greenslade

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