Meeting Local Alumni Leaders on Their Turf

Meeting Local Alumni Leaders on Their Turf


The first meeting was held in Lisbon in April, the last one will be held in Rome during the second half of July. In between, Hong Kong in May and San Francisco in mid-July. We are talking about the Regional Leaders' meetings, organized by the Bocconi Alumni Community every other year (i.e. in odd years, when the Global Alumni Conference is not scheduled) to meet Chapter Leaders in their areas of operation. So in addition to the traditional annual Leaders Conference held in Milan, which nominates the Bocconi Alumnus of the year, there are now several meetings held in various global cities, so that Bocconi can listen directly to the needs of those who have the demanding task of acting as transmitters between the Milan HQ and alumni working in various world regions.

"For us it was a huge success;, it was one of those moments where you really feel Bocconian", says Stefano Passarello, Managing Director at Hawksford and Chapter Leader in Hong Kong, as he remembers the meeting recently hosted. "I felt a burning desire to really achieve something positive for our University. We Chapter Leaders act as hot spots that turn on the passion of local alumni, and these meetings motivate us". A sentiment shared by alumni scattered around the globe, as Tiago Sequeira, Associate Director for Corporate Finance at the Banco de Investimento Global and Lisbon Chapter Leader, which hosted the first regional meeting this year: “For us it is fundamental to feel that the University follows our work step by step and that  we can enjoy the support of our Alma Mater in all the activities we plan doing”.

In fact, this was precisely the point: to hear from Chapter Leaders what the critical points are to operate in the field and, at the same time, enable chapter leaders to exchange experiences and ideas: "There are critical issues and obstacles chapter leaders have to deal with that you only find in certain regions," says Francesca Paolino, an associate analyst at Moody's, who heads the Dubai group. Examples? "Local legislation on fundraising in Arab countries, or the use of social networks in countries like China, for instance. And, more generally, the need to adapt themes and types of meetings to local taste. In Dubai we organize both the Christmas dinner and the Iftar dinner, the one celebrating the end of Ramadan".

In short, according to interested parties, the Regional Leaders’ initiative seems to have hit the mark. "The Lisbon meeting left me with so much enthusiasm," Umberto Prandi explains. He leads the Munich Chapter and is Senior Vice President of Pimco Global. “These meetings allow us to effectively and efficiently coordinate the efforts of alumni regional leaders by aligning them with Bocconi's strategic vision. And it is very useful for us to discuss with other chapter leaders to share best practices and identify creative solutions to shared challenges together".

The next regional meeting is scheduled in San Francisco for July 12-14, covering the Americas, while the meeting in Rome (July 18-19) will gather all of Italy’s Alumni Chapter Leaders.

by Andrea Celauro
Translated by Alex Foti

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