Teaching Awards: The Names of the 31 Winners

Teaching Awards: The Names of the 31 Winners


The Teaching Awards for 2018 have been assigned to faculty members at Bocconi: there are a total of 31 winners, in two categories related to their performance and innovation. On the same occasion, the Research Awards were also assigned.
Divided by School, the following outstanding faculty members were recognized based on the ranking of their performance index, which is calculated based on evaluations of their teaching activities provided by University students, SDA students and PhD candidates:
Undergraduate School: Irene Dagnino, Gabriele Troilo and Sergio Venturini (permanent faculty), Valentina Fornari, Alessandro Recla and Daniele Tonini (non-permanent faculty).
Graduate School: Gianluca Meloni, Marco Morelli and Stefano Gatti (permanent faculty), Luca Ghezzi, Andrea Quartarone and Giuliano Iannotta (non-permanent faculty).
School of Law: Damiano Canale and Giovanni Strampelli (permanent faculty), Gabriele Gagliani and Giovanni Stella (non-permanent faculty).
PhD School: Greta Nasi (permanent faculty) and Mariano Max Croce (non-permanent faculty).
SDA Bocconi School of Management: Giacomo Morri (permanent faculty) and Maria Debora Braga (non-permanent faculty).
The award winners in the innovation category, are: Arianna Brioschi, Giulia Cappellaro, Amelia Compagni and Gianluca Lombardi Stocchetti for the Undergraduate School; Veronica Binda, Andrea Colli and Massimo Magni for the Graduate School; Stefania Boffano and Federico Pergami for the School of Law; Andrea Ordanini for the PhD School; Renata Trinca Colonel for SDA Bocconi School of Management.
CLICK HERE for a gallery of the prize-giving ceremony.

by Fabio Todesco

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