The Man with a Donation Plan for Students

The Man with a Donation Plan for Students


He lives in Germany, where he moved in 1972 "with the idea of staying only a short time", but he remained very attached to his alma mater. Thus, Giuseppe Bancale, 80 year-old 1964 graduate from Bocconi with a thesis on economic development USA and USSR, decided to contribute. Year after year, starting from the first donation in 2014, he has given to the Alumni Senior Scholarship Fund, which supports the study path of deserving students through partial exemption from university fees.

"Years ago, when I decided to start supporting some organizations in Italy and Germany, I set out a plan for myself, in order to give continuity to these forms of support. I didn't want them to be a one-time thing. In Italy I support Bocconi, to which I always feel close, and the Italian Environment Fund, "says the alumnus. This year, in addition to his own contribution, he asked his friends and relatives to participate in supporting the University as a gift for his 80th birthday.

"For me, supporting students is very important: I remember well the sacrifices my parents made to keep me going with my studies". Focusing on support for students, according to Bancale (who in the last years of his professional career was an industrial and financial consultant), becomes even more important when you consider one aspect in particular: "They have their whole lives ahead of them. If they are smart and capable, they will be able to do great things. "

by Andrea Celauro
Translated by Richard Greenslade

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