A Life Split Between Corporate Finance and the Lisbon Alumni Chapter

A Life Split Between Corporate Finance and the Lisbon Alumni Chapter


Tiago Sequeira, head of the Bocconi Alumni Lisbon Chapter, is committed to anticipating the changes brought about by the digitization of the banking industry, as he waits to host the annual conference of the European chapters of the Bocconi Alumni Community in Portugal’s capital in April.
How did your interest for finance originate?
My first day at Bocconi was the day Lehman went bankrupt! That only made my interest in finance grow. Finance is fascinating because it is very technical, but at the same time requires a great awareness of everything happening around you – politics, society, global events – because finance has an impact on everything. My three years at Bocconi were incredible and they really shaped my career. I acquired great technical skills. And being in Milan was important because I was exposed to great architecture, fashion, and design.

How has your career progressed since your Bocconi degree?
Between my Bachelor and my Master of Science I got some work experience, something which I recommend to everyone. I worked for 18 months in a renewable energy company and this really helped me grow; I strengthened my skills and self-confidence. After the MSc in finance I joined Banco de Investimento Global, a Portuguese investment bank, where I still work today, in the corporate finance division. Recently, I have started managing a platform that contributes to the digitization of corporate finance services.

What are the challenges the banking industry is facing today?
Financial services and banking are changing a lot, as commoditization constantly increases. Services are being revolutionized by technologies, such as blockchain cryptography, which are changing everything. From administration of funds and assets to payment services, up to the use of smart contracts are set to revolutionize areas such as mortgages and even M&A operations, examples of the ongoing disruption are numerous. You really need to be able to cope with the speed of change and bold in your decisions.

You also mentor young people, correct?
Yes, I do mentoring for BET – Bring Entrepreneurs Together, the largest association of youth entrepreneurship in Portugal. Every year I take some university students and help them with their startups, by giving practical advice on business models and pitches. It is a great experience which gives me great satisfaction.

And a year ago you took on the commitment of being Leader of Lisbon Bocconi Alumni Chapter..
It's a cool challenge. There are not so many Bocconi alums in Portugal, so I am working hard to create a network that creates involvement for as many people as possible. I am also proud that the annual conference of European Bocconi Alumni chapters is going to be held here in Lisbon in mid-April. I really think the conference will be a great opportunity not only for our local community, but for all of our European alumni.

by Andrea Celauro
Translated by Alex Foti

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