The New Board Members of the Bocconi Alumni Community

The New Board Members of the Bocconi Alumni Community


Riccardo David Battaglia, Giulia Bifano, Andrea Costantini, Luca Mignini, Eugenio Marco Airoldi, Marco Giovanni Mazzucchelli: these are the six new members joining the Bocconi Alumni Board. Riccardo, Giulia and Andrea have been appointed following an election which took place on January 27-29. On the other hand, Luca, Eugenio and Marco have been chosen by the Appointment Committee on the basis of the proposals made within the same community. The new board members will remain in office for two years. There is a total of 20 members in the board: in addition to the president and vice-president chosen among on-campus alumni, there are 18 board members, 6 appointed by the University and 12 by the Alumni Community. Overall, 1/4 of the members must be women, 1/5 of the members must be alumni whose profession is abroad, and at least two members must have been alumni for less than five years. Let's meet the three members chosen by general election.

Riccardo David Battaglia (Bocconi Class of 2012, Economics and Management of Innovation)
"My life has been about being a Bocconian for the past seven years: as a student, I was a university ambassador abroad. After graduation and three years working in various environments, I returned to Bocconi as an employee of the Student Affairs Division. I like the idea of rising to the challenge of the Bocconi community and offering my contribution. I want to voice the needs of Bocconi alumni, especially those living and working abroad."

Giulia Bifano (Bocconi Class of 2017, Law)
«My goal is to spread the enthusiasm for the Bocconi Community, working on the expansion of the network and a greater synergy between junior and senior alumni: I am convinced that teamwork between generations is a great value both for the growth of individual professionals and the community as a whole. Not only that: the strength of the network is to enable the encounter between professionals animated by the desire to make a contribution to society. Through networking, we can heighten the impact of our individual actions ".

Andrea Costantini (Bocconi Class of 2000, Business Economics and Law)
«There are three qualities that I think must be embodied by Bocconi alumni: generosity, competence, passion. By the same token, there are issues that I think the Community must deal with in particular, if it wants to gets stronger and stronger: simplifying digital platforms so to attract younger alumni, and strengthening continuous learning for more senior ones. By developing the Community and making everyone understand the value of the University, the spirit of giving back is encouraged among all Bocconi alumni».

by Andrea Celauro
Translated by Alex Foti

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