Bocconi: Riccardo Taranto Is the New Managing Director

Bocconi: Riccardo Taranto Is the New Managing Director


Chaired by Mario Monti, the new Bocconi University Board for the four-year period 2018-2022 took office today. The meeting was opened by Prof. Angelo Provasoli, President of the Javotte Bocconi Institute, who - as per the Statute - nominated the President and nine members of the University Board.
The Board resolved to appoint Luigi Guatri as Honorary President, Andrea Sironi as Vice President and Riccardo Taranto as Managing Director.
Former Group CFO of RCS Mediagroup, Riccardo Taranto graduated in Business Administration from Bocconi in 1981 and in his career has held important positions in administration, finance and management control in leading companies such as Prelios, Telecom Italia, Cisco, Pirelli Cables and Systems, Roche and Honeywell Information Systems.
Riccardo Taranto succeeds Bruno Pavesi, Managing Director of the University since 2008.
"I am very honored and grateful to President Monti and the new Board for this prestigious appointment," said Riccardo Taranto. "I will pour into this exciting professional adventure all my commitment and my experience, acquired thanks to the tools that Bocconi gave me long ago. I think it's a great opportunity to give back at least in part what I have received, and I hope to continue on the path of growth for our University already marked in recent years by the President, by Bruno Pavesi, the various Rectors and the previous Board ".
"We are sure that Riccardo Taranto’s knowledge and experience", said Mario Monti, "will enable Bocconi to continue its development with renewed energy. The important accomplishments to which Bruno Pavesi has contributed significantly as Managing Director, in dedicated and effective collaboration with four Rectors over eleven years, provide us with a strong anchor. On behalf of the entire Bocconi community, I extend the warmest congratulations to Mr. Taranto for his appointment and our best wishes for success in his new position. "
The composition of the new University Board is as follows (new appointments in italics):
Honorary President: Luigi Guatri
President: Mario Monti
Vice President: Andrea Sironi
Rector (ex officio member): Gianmario Verona
Managing Director: Riccardo Taranto 
Carlo Bonomi (President, Assolombarda)
Diana Bracco (President, Bracco Spa)
Vittorio Colao (former Chief Executive, Vodafone Group)
Valeria Cosmai (Student representative),
Enrico Cucchiani (Founder and CEO, TGI)
Alessandro Foti (CEO and General Manager, Fineco)
Patrizia Grieco (President, Enel)
Vittorio Grilli (Chairman of Italy & Chairman Corporate and Investment Bank EMEA, JPMorgan)
Eliana La Ferrara (Full Professor of Development Economics, Faculty Representative)
Alberto Meomartini (Member of Executive Committee, Fondazione Fiera Milano)
Carlo Messina (CEO Intesa SanPaolo)
Diego Piacentini (Former Commissioner for the Digital Agenda)
Barbara Poggiali (Non-executive director of companies)
Gianfelice Rocca (President, Techint Group)
Marco Tronchetti Provera (Executive Vice Chairman and CEO, Pirelli Spa).
The Board appointed as members of the Executive Committee, in addition to the ex officio members (President, Vice President, Rector and Managing Director), Vittorio Colao, Enrico Cucchiani and Diego Piacentini.

Silvia Colombo was appointed Secretary of the University Board and the Executive Committee.

"I am very grateful to the President of the Institute Javotte Bocconi, Angelo Provasoli, "concluded Monti”, and to all the bodies that, as required by the Statute, have appointed their representatives on the Board with the usual spirit of high consideration for our University. The University Board that took office today will steer Bocconi, under the guidance of Rector Verona and Managing Director Taranto, towards the goals of the current strategic plan ending in 2020, and to the launch of the University's strategy in the third decade of the twenty-first century ".


CV Riccardo Taranto

Riccardo Taranto's picture

Picture: Gianmario Verona, Mario Monti, and Riccardo Taranto

by Barbara Orlando
Translated by Richard Greenslade

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