An Easier Finance for Everyone Is eKuota's Algorithm

An Easier Finance for Everyone Is eKuota's Algorithm


“Italian enterprises perform particularly well on international markets and their managers are very good at managing corporate risk. However, we cannot expect them to be also expert of those financial markets that have an impact on their companies’ performances. Our idea originates from the managers’ need to assess their company’s exposure to financial risks. eKuota provides a range of financial technologies that allow businesses to make informed decisions, to improve and monitor their financial management and to reduce costs, even though the managers are not seasoned traders”, explains Laura Oliva, eKuota CEO, financial analyst and Bocconi alumna.

Founded in 2013 with Fabio Liberali (journalist and communications expert), Fabio Marras (finance and technology innovation), Raffaele Zenti (finance and risk management), Alessandro Berbenni (software development) and Luigi Zanderighi (software architecture for financial organizations) and hosted by Speed MI Up, eKuota is the first online platform in Italy and Europe offering small and medium enterprises advanced financial tools that are traditionally devoted to large, structured companies, and has already been granted several awards as an innovative FinTech startup.

Its algorithms, developed by the team through market validation and testing, are specifically addressed to all businesses facing those financial risks connected to currency fluctuations and raw material price volatility: “eKuota is mainly used by manufacturing companies that also trade abroad or by importers of raw materials, but also by financial advisors. We made a big effort to make the platform as user-friendly as possible. It can be used in all the main currencies and commodities, in both Italian and English. We also contribute to our blog with independent articles on relevant topics”, Oliva continues.

“Our short-term goal is to strengthen eKuota’s position in Italy, but we aim at expanding towards European and especially Anglo-Saxon markets, where the majority of financial innovations come from. We are also going to widen the range of the financial products we offer”, she concludes.

by Elisa Bazzani

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