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Thursday 18 September 2014    
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The student associations present themselves

From September 16 to 18 with their stands in front of the Velodromo building

This year too, as per usual, to close the Welcome Days there is the Autumn edition of  ‘Associations on Show’,  three days in which over 70 student associations of the University make themselves known to their colleagues.

From September 16 to 18 the most active associations will be present from 10am to 5pm with their stands in front of the Velodromo building to present their activities which deal with cultural, political and socio-economic topics through moments of debate and meeting.

Davide Ripamonti

In the ranking of the best universities by faculty, Bocconi moves up four places, part of another round of positive feedback from the professionals who evaluate insititutions of higher education

Cerved opens its archives on Italian companies and entrepreneurs to students and researchers at Bocconi, with the first research project already under way. The involvement of students also allows to the company to evaluate prospective future employees

Himanshu Rai, coming from the Indian Institute of Management of Lucknow, will guide the business school in Mumbai and also joins the faculty of SDA Bocconi
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