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Saturday 01 November 2014    
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All together to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the PhD in International Law and Economics

PhD Alumni, from all over the world, gathered today at the conference organized by Bocconi University, to talk about law and economics, but also the path that led them to arrive where they are now

They came from Paris, Brussels, Washington, as well as via Roentgen in Milan. They are the Alumni of the PhD in International law and economics. The occasion was the celebration, with a conference entitled The Multifaced Regulation of the Global Economy, of its 25 years of existence and a tribute to its founder, Giorgio Sacerdoti. From the PhD have come over the years about a hundred graduates who now hold academic, legal and consulting positions worldwide. A doctorate that never goes out of fashion, given the mix, the only one of its kind in Italy, in law and economics, together with an international perspective.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that most of the former PhD at the conference are glad to remember the international opportunities and experiences that this course of study allowed them to take abroad. Paris, Geneva, Brussels or Belarus, each of these places was fundamental for developing their careers. "The structure of this PhD made me understand different dynamics and to chose between different realities, allowing me to get where I am now," says Fazia Pusterla, who works in Washington, at the Inter-American Development Bank. "Professor Sacerdoti and the PhD faculty were able to arouse in me an interest in international law that has been fundamental in influencing my career choices," explains Maria Rosa Lunati, who was a PhD student from 1990 to 1994 and now works at the OECD.

Without going overseas, even those who have entered into the academic world in Milan, at Bocconi itself or in other universities in the city, consider the type of classes and experiences undertaken during their PhD in International law and economics, as central to their professional growth. "With the PhD teaching model, I developed the skills and the knowledge of law that I needed to continue my academic career, as I am doing now at the University of Milan," specifies Alessandra Lang.

Others talk about experiences that went beyond the classic academic activities of a PhD. This is the case of Michele Barbieri: "During my PhD I was in Belarus to edit, along with others, their investment code." Today, Michele is responsible on  legal affairs within societies in the field of international fiscal structures.

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