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Tuesday 29 July 2014    
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Andrea Sironi is the new Rector

Andrea Sironi will guide Bocconi for the two-year term 2012-2014. He succeeds Guido Tabellini, rector for two mandates from 2008 to 2012. The appointment was approved unanimously by the University Board

The Board of Università Bocconi has today unanimously decided upon the appointment as rector of Andrea Sironi, who will guide the university for the next two years until October 31st 2014. The proposal was presented by the Vice President Luigi Guatri, following also widespread consultations conducted by him with the university faculty. Sironi will succeed Guido Tabellini who guides the university since October 31st 2008.

Andrea Sironi, 48 years old, is full professor of Banking and Finance at Bocconi where he has also been Dean for International Affairs until November 2008. He has previously been Dean of the Graduate School, Director of the Research Division of SDA Bocconi school of management and Director of the Master in Risk Management (Marisk).

He has held visiting positions at the Research and Statistics Department of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, in Washington, and at the Salomon Brothers Center of the Stern School of Business of New York University. He has previously been a financial analyst at The Chase Manhattan Bank in London. Professor Sironi research interests include Financial Risk Management and International Banking Supervision. He has published numerous books and papers in international refereed journals on these subjects.

“On behalf of the Board and myself personally,” declared Luigi Guatri, “I would like to express to Guido Tabellini my gratitude for the dynamism which he has shown during his mandate as rector and for the successes obtained especially in increasing the international reputation of Bocconi. The mandate now passes to Andrea Sironi who, with his recognized prestige and his qualities of analysis and equilibrium, I am sure will know how to contribute to increasing further the role of Bocconi as an institution at the service of Italy and Europe.”

“I am grateful to professor Guatri and the University Board for having entrusted me with such a stimulating challenge,” commented Sironi. “To be able to serve a great institution like our University is for me a great honor. I am certain that with the help of the whole Bocconian community we will be able to continue to be a positive and stimulating force which for over 100 years now contributes to the development of our country.”


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